December 2023 Jake Deslauriers’s first author paper, “Cyfip2 controls the acoustic startle threshold through FMRP, actin polymerization, and GABAB receptor function” is published on BioRxiv.

November 2023 The Marsden Lab attends the Zebrafish Neurobiology Meeting in Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

October 2023 The Marsden Lab attends the Zebrafish Disease Models conference in Durham, NC.

August 2023 Melody Hancock passes her qualifying exam and becomes a PhD Candidate.

June 2023 Jake Deslauriers defends his dissertation, and accepts a position at Life Edit Therapeutics. Congratulations Dr. Jake Deslauriers!

May 2023 Dana Hodorovich defends her dissertation, and accepts a Post-Doc at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Congratulations Dr. Dana Hodorovich!

March 2023 The Marsden Lab takes part in Brain Night at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences where you can meet local neuroscientists and interact with hands-on brains- and behavior-themed exhibits suitable for all ages.

January 2023 Dana Hodorovich’s first author paper, “Morphological and sensorimotor phenotypes in a zebrafish CHARGE syndrome model are domain-dependent” is published in Genes, Brain and Behavior.

December 2022 The Marsden Lab hosts their first secret Santa party. Happy Holidays!

September 2022 The Marsden Lab attends the Triangle SFN conference, and PhD student, Jake Deslauriers, and undergraduate researcher, Rachael Bieler, win poster awards.

April 2022 PhD students, Kim Scofield and Melody Hancock, join the lab. Welcome!

September 2021 David (Chris) Cole joins the lab as our new Lab Manager.

August 2021 Rubia Martin successfully defended her thesis, completing her PhD in Toxicology at NC State. Rubia is the first PhD student from the lab to graduate. Congratulations Dr. Rubia Martin!

June 2021 Our paper in collaboration with Cody Smith’s lab at Notre Dame is accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience.¬†Congrats to former lab members Sanjana and Sam on their first publication!

The final set of startle mutants, those with kinematic phenotypes, from the UPenn screen is published in PLoS Genetics! Congrats to Joy Meserve and the Granato lab!

May 2021 Kurt receives one of NC State’s inaugural Goodnight Early Career Innovator awards!

April 2021 Our collaboration with Adam Miller’s lab at the University of Oregon, examining how scaffolding proteins are critical for the assembly and function of electrical synapses, is published in eLife!

Patrick Lindsley is awarded a Summer Research Grant from NC State’s Office of Undergraduate Research – congrats Patrick!

February 2021 The lab is awarded its first R01 from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke – congrats to the whole lab for their contributions to this major achievement! This project will examine how the threshold for the acoustic startle response is established, connecting the gene cyfip2 with actin regulation, synapse formation, and circuit function.

Jake wins the Golden Microscope award for giving the best talk at the 2021 Genetics Graduate Student Association Symposium! Congrats, Jake!

January 2021 Rubia’s paper on how a mixture of the cyanotoxins BMAA and Microcystin LR impacts behavior and protein expression in larval zebrafish is published in Toxicological Sciences! This is the Marsden Lab’s very first paper.

February 2019 Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS) PhD student Dana Hodorovich joins the lab.

June 2018 Toxicology PhD student Rubia Martin joins the lab! She will split her time between the Marsden Lab and Dr. Michael Bereman’s lab.

April 2018 Kurt’s paper from his time as a postdoc in Michael Granato’s lab is published in Cell Reports.

March 2018 Genetics PhD student Jake Deslauriers officially joins the lab.

December 2017 The Marsden Zebrafish Facility is installed. Many thanks to Sandy Elliot, the BRF manager at NCSU, and to Eric Stone and Dan Vinci at Aquarius – we’re so excited about this beautiful new system!

November, 2017 Derek Burton joins the lab as our Research Specialist and jack of all trades.

August 2017 The Marsden Lab is open for business! The business of unpacking boxes.