Kurt Marsden, PhD
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
University Faculty Scholar
David Clark Labs 146
+1 (919) 515-2589

Kurt Marsden CV 2021

Dr. Marsden received his B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College, where he pursued a variety of subjects including music, history, psychology, and the natural sciences. After graduating, he entered the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he received his Ph.D in Neuroscience. His thesis work with Dr. Reed Carroll revealed novel molecular pathways underlying the plasticity of inhibitory synapses in the hippocampus and earned him the Julius Marmur Research Award. Dr. Marsden then did his postdoctoral research with Dr. Michael Granato at the University of Pennsylvania, studying the genetics and neural circuit regulation of behavior in larval zebrafish. His work uncovered several genes and neural pathways that are critical for such fundamental processes as behavioral sensitivity, simple decision making, and habituation.

When he is not science-ing, you might find Kurt riding his bike around Raleigh, hiking in the beautiful woods of North Carolina, or making music at home.

  • Chris (David) Cole
    • Laboratory Technician
  • Sureni Sumathipala, PhD
  • Post-doctoral Scholar



  • Melody Hancock, MS
  • PhD Candidate, NCSU Bioinformatics Program




  • Kimberly Scofield
  • PhD Candidate, NCSU Comparative Biomedical Sciences Program, Neuroscience concentration



  • Undergraduate Researchers
    • Rachel Tippett
    • Victoria Kapps
    • Sruti Bontala

Marsden Lab Alumni

  • Derek Burton, MS
    • Laboratory Technician
  • Dana Hodorovich, PhD
    • NCSU Comparative Biomedical Sciences Program, Neuroscience concentration
  • Jake Deslauriers, PhD
    • NCSU Genetics Program
  • Rubia Martin, PhD
    • NCSU Toxicology Program
  • Undergraduate Researchers
    • Rachael Bieler
    • Patrick Lindsley
    • Lindsey Russ
    • Haley Kim
    • Rohit Ghotkar
    • Austen Berry
    • Jordan Jarman
    • Sanjana Pai
    • Vimal Chudasama
    • Tiara Fryer Harris
    • Sam Hedlund
    • Katie Neese